Matthew Mariani

"Matthew's broad knowledge of building and construction, makes him an excellent source of information and guidance on increasing the potential of a property."

Since 2001, Matt has been helping clients make the most of their property investments thanks to his astute advice on how to position assets to meet investment objectives. This can be anything from enjoying a passive income to preparing a site for sale, refurbishing or adding value to attract greater interest from tenants.

As well as working in all sectors of property management, Matt holds a Bachelor of Property from the University of Central Queensland and an Estate Agents License. He has also broadened his knowledge with recent building and construction qualifications, which makes him an excellent source of information and guidance on increasing the potential of a property.

On top of this, he is an expert problem solver and negotiator with a genuine passion for what he does, whether it’s achieving excellent results for clients or managing building renovations and re-positioning.

Matthew Mariani

Associate Director

T: 9810 7240
M: 0407 919 597

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A Trusted Commercial Property Manager

What makes a trusted commercial property manager?

Collecting the rent, arranging repairs and being efficient in not only maintaining but growing the value of your commercial real estate asset is a given. Beyond the obvious day to day tasks, here are the qualities that indicate a trusted commercial property manager:

Bitcoin and Real Estate

Bitcoin has hit the Australian property market. The owner of a property on Victoria’s Mount Macedon has offered his mansion in exchange for Bitcoins. A 1000sqm block in The Basin, was offered with “Owner is agreeable to accept part-payment in Bitcoin”. And on the Gold Coast, a financial planner offered his Sovereign Islands mansion on the market for 500 Bitcoins, that’s an equivalent of over AUD$5 million.