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Property Management

Professional property management is, more often than not, about doing the little things well.

After 20 years, working with our clients and their assets, we understand what's important. To ensure you get the most from your investment.

Our approach is proactive with a focus on initiative.

We strive to fine-tune our clients' portfolios through continually assessing the performance of their investments, suggesting ways to value-add and maximise return.

Private Client Porfolio Management

Our specialty is private client portfolio management, project and development consulting, and general property advice for private individuals, families, corporate and government organisations.

We provide thorough, well-considered advice that clearly lays out all possible outcomes in order for our clients to make informed decisions.

Transparency, risk management and compliance rule.

With the increased demand for greater transparency, risk management and compliance our Property Managers have an eye for detail when it comes to government, insurance and regulatory compliance.

Our systems are highly compliant and kept up to the minute in order to mitigate risks, maintain continual cash flow and enhance asset value and portfolio growth in the long term.

We provide a high standard of commercial property management, one that is differentiated, unbiased and non-conflicted allowing us to maintain long term, mutually profitable relationships with our clients.

Recognised leaders in commercial property management

Benchmarked by Macquarie Bank against 70 commercial agencies, GormanKelly has been ranked as one of Australia's pre-eminent commercial management firms.

Gorman Kelly
"Our area of focus includes the Cities of Boroondara, Stonnington, Yarra, Manningham, Maroondah & Whitehorse including Melbourne's city fringe"
Robert Kelly
"I was impressed by your regular contact with me, presentation and frankness of the market conditions."
Mr Boyd Fox
"Compliance is key, it has become too complex for many previously self managed clients"
Robert Kelly